A Story of Sustainability and Sea

Who we are… If this is your first time meeting us- welcome! At Dokulu, we pride ourselves on making thoughtfully designed towels and throws. All our products are ethically hand-loomed in Turkey with 100% organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes. Our mission is to make thoughtfully designed products that you and the environment will love! So tag along in our story as we share our journey, products, and mission. Our Story. Our story starts with our founder, Nicole Holliday. Nicole created Dokulu with love in mind; of the planet, of people, and of beautiful designs. She set out to start this brand without compromise. From start to finish, the process of designing and manufacturing the towels would be 100% ethical. She began to design the towels in Charleston, South Carolina. This is Dokulu’s home base! Then, sought out the perfect people in Turkey to bring the vision to life. First came finding the cotton- off to Turkey for the highest quality Turkish cotton that was 100% certified organic in order to produce sustainable towels. Next, came finding those who could hand-loom the towels. Luck would have it, the ideal place was found; a looming town in Turkey where the century-old tradition of hand-looming was very much still alive. This is where Dokulu is now, and we are so proud to be here! Why is sustainability important? Aside from sustainability being a pillar of our brand and mission, its importance reaches much higher. Compassion and love for our environment are directly reflected in curating a sustainable brand. Sustainability not only means products that are toxin-free and of the highest quality, but it also paves a path to a healthier planet. All-in-all, sustainability improves the quality of our lives, our products, and our environment. Our Promise. Dokulu is proud to be a women-owned, globally conscious brand. Our promise is to make the highest quality towels while ensuring sustainability, ethics, and the preservation of centuries-old traditions and the culture of Turkish hand-looming. Our process is ethical from start to finish. Our artisans are paid a living wage, are never around harsh dyes or chemicals, and never work unreasonable hours. Coupled with using zero plastic, eco-friendly dyes, and 100% organic cotton, Dokulu has become the globally-conscious brand our founder had always envisioned.